Guitar - Rodrigo y Gabriela


TAKE FIVE (kitchen rehearsal)

After playing thrash metal in Mexico City we decided to quit the band and our jobs and go to Ixtapa on the Pacific coast of Mexico. There, we exchanged our electric guitars for two acoustic guitars and went looking for a job. The first move was to offer an acoustic set to all the hotels but all of them said no, then we found a tiny place, an Italian restaurant that said yes, so, out of our metal repertoire we also managed to play a funky version of take five. After that we took take five with us to Europe, to the streets of Dublin, Denmark and Spain and then to countless venues around the world. It’s not a track that we play in every tour, far from it, in fact is more like an old friend that we visit once in a while. For this Lumbini Sessions what we decided to do was to release a rehearsal that was filmed by Pablo (our studio assistant) , We weren’t supposed to release this video this way but after reviewing the rehearsal we thought it was very natural and honest, we liked it, we think the official video would’ve had been more polished but this one has a lot of good vibes and is fun, we hope you enjoy it and please have a lovely weekend, we love you!

- Rodrigo y Gabriela

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